You can now get your ashes turned into a bath bomb that dissolves in minutes

One TikTok user compared the invention to regular high street offerings, saying “coming to Lush next fall, grandma”

There are plenty of unique options for burial nowadays, from green funerals to turning yourself into soil.

For those who thought they’d heard it all, a funeral director has taken to TikTok to show users their ‘biodegradable urn’

The urn is essentially a giant bath bomb which can be used for burials at sea.

User @funeraldirector07 unwrapped the ‘eco sphere salt urn’ which is 100 per cent biodegradable and can dissolve in less than five minutes.

Perhaps the most shocking part is how much it looks like a regular bath bomb that you can buy from the likes of Lush, but giant.

Company Urns for Water Burial gives us some great examples of the giant human bath bombs, from floating lotuses to love note urns.

In terms of laws for UK water burials, they are actually surprisingly relaxed compared to other countries.

Individuals don’t need a licence or permission to scatter at sea, and the two main options are from a boat or at the water’s edge.

As long as you don’t place any additional items into the water, such as metal or plastics, you’re free to dispose of your loved one’s ashes as you wish.

According to Urns for Water, most water urns will dissolve completely once submerged but salt urns can take considerably longer.

The urn will slowly sink to the bottom of the sea, where it will gradually dissolve and become one with the water.

TikTok users had mixed opinions on the idea, but a lot of people seemed to love it, with one user replying: “I’ve searched for a way to be extra even in death and I think I’ve found the answer here, quick question though, can I add custom glitter?”

Another added: “Coming to Lush next fall, grandma.”

It’s important to add that if you purchase a biodegradable urn, you can’t get it wet until you drop it in the ocean, for obvious reasons.

Others weren’t so convinced, with one user saying: “But the salt levels of our oceans is already rising and making it harmful for the animals and the fish, I don’t think this is a good idea.”