Marks & Spencer accused of ‘daylight robbery’ over £5 beans on toast Christmas canapés

Marks & Spencer’s ‘posh beans on toast’ didn’t go down too well with fans online as the retailer was accused of ‘daylight robbery’ as it charged £5 for the dish

Marks & Spencer has been ribbed by shoppers for selling cheesy beans on toast as a Christmas canape.

The supermarket is known for its party food, like Colin the Caterpillar, Percy Pigs and its light-up snow globe gin, but one offering has raised some eyebrows.

Called ‘Posh cheesy beans on toast’, the snack features brioche bread with haricot beans in a tomato sauce – also known as baked beans – with creamy Barber’s mature cheese melt and finished with Barber’s mature cheddar cheese.

And despite essentially being mini portions of beans on toast, the snacks are on sale for a whopping £5.

Eagle-eyed shoppers spotted the offering online and had a joke about it.

One person said: “Don’t get me wrong I love M&S food as it’s usually top tier, but I can’t think of any situation where you’d ask someone ‘would you like a mini posh beans on toast?’

“At least it’s not avocado on toast – if they did that I wouldn’t be able to stop ranting.”

Another wrote: “I would like to know who do M&S think is serving beans on toast as hors d’oeuvres?”

A third put: “That’s not just daylight robbery. That’s M&S daylight robbery.”

Someone else put: “Look, I’m as lazy as the next person but really? £5!”

While one slammed: “I’ve never seen anything more unnecessary in my life than @marksandspencer selling ‘posh’ beans on toast for FIVE POUNDS.”

The bean bites are part of the store’s wider range of Christmas foods which includes Molton Cheddar Profiteroles, a Percy Pig Pigloo cake and a Turkey and Ham Christmas Pudding Pie.

And there’s also a Sticky Toffee Pudding Crown which will set you back £20.

This comes as M&S was revealed as the UK’s most Googled supermarket for Christmas food.

According to Wales Online, casino review experts analysed Google search data and discovered the most searched for supermarket in the UK for the Christmas food shop with an average of 34,000 searches a month.