Notes on chocolate: learn to love liquorice

Following on from last week’s stocking-filler ideas, here are some more. I make no excuse for this. I like to start celebrating early because for me autumn is just one big long flight path to Christmas.

I wrote about Lakrids by Bülow chocolate-covered liquorice last year but they’ve started a new initiative whereby they want to send anyone and everyone in the world a free sample of their products, to try to convince people that liquorice isn’t disgusting (if that’s what you think). You go here to register: wemaketheworldlove

I particularly rate their coffee/liquorice bonbons, with bits of Kenyan ground coffee. But the real surprise was the passion fruit: pretty, crunchy, zesty. Both from £9 (125g). If you know someone who really loves liquorice, a set of the bigger-size tubs (£16, 295g) is a good out-of-the-stocking, quite unusual, chocolate present. Not least because the aesthetic is really cool. As one of my younger testers (AKA my youngest said): ‘These are good when you want something chewy but chocolatey, and the jars are great for use afterwards.’ She’s a big Home Edit fan.

For something more traditionally Christmassy Montezuma’s Snowballs are white chocolate-covered balls with a few different centres. They are sweet – be warned if this isn’t your thing – but if you like white chocolate you’ll be in heaven. The peanut butter ones are particularly good, £4.49 (120g). Other flavours are caramel or peppermint and vanilla.