Hire a child custody attorney to protect your children


Divorce is a very emotional and stressful process for a couple to undergo, and the presence of children in the marriage makes it even more difficult. Among the first and most important decisions both partners must make in the event of a divorce or separation is which home the children will spend most of their time in. Parents who cannot come to an agreement may be forced to settle the matter in a court of law. Whether you end up in court or not, it is advisable for a parent who is no longer living with his or her spouse to retain a lawyer. The following are reasons why it is important to hire a child custody attorney to protect you and your children.

Champions your cause. For a court to grant a divorce, especially where children are involved, several issues must be addressed and settled. Some of these issues include spousal support, division of property, as well as child support and custody. When negotiating the terms of a divorce, your spouse may try to leverage these issues against you to achieve a favorable outcome for him or herself. But, with the representation of a lawyer, you will have someone to fight for the course of action that is best for you and your children. Your attorney’s primary goal will be to ensure that your interests are protected.

Objectivity. As an outsider or a third party to your divorce, a child custody attorney can be more objective about negotiating the details of your case than you. This is especially important when dealing with very contentious issues and emotions are running high. Divorce lawyers are trained to approach cases objectively, which means they are less likely to make rash decisions than you might on your own.

Paperwork and red tape. Just like any other case, divorce and child custody proceedings require a variety of filings and paperwork. Your attorney will ensure that all of the necessary documents are completed and filed with the court to keep your case in order and moving forward. You don’t want your claim to turn out badly because of your inexperience with the legal system.

Access to experts. When dealing with a divorce case, especially a complex proceeding where there are exceptional circumstances — involving, for instance, extensive property, large financial interests, or issues that put the children at risk with the other parent — a good family attorney will consult with experts in these specialized areas to ensure that you receive the best legal representation possible.

Understands custody options. There are several types of child custody that are negotiated or awarded by the court. For example, there is legal custody, physical custody, split custody and joint custody. Many parents automatically pursue physical custody since it dictates which parent gets to live with the child. The final decision is reached after a number of considerations are taken into account, including the child’s best interests. Your lawyer understands all of the scenarios and can advise you on the best option, which will be based in part on your likelihood of winning.

As you can see, hiring a child custody attorney is critical. Meek Law Firm has successfully handled countless divorce and custody cases while maintaining a sterling reputation with both the courts and our clients. For more information, contact attorney Jonathan Meek today to discuss the specifics of your case. Call (704) 848-6335 or use the contact form on the right of this page to schedule a consultation appointment.