It is crucial that you have a living will


A living will, which is also known as an advanced directive, is a legal certificate or document that an individual has drawn up to let people know his or her wishes concerning life prolonging medical care and treatments. It should not be confused with a living trust, which is a document used for distributing a person’s property upon their death to avoid misunderstandings or probate.

Contrary to some people’s assumptions, it is not just the elderly who need to have a living will. Adults of all ages can unexpectedly face end-of-life medical circumstances. The following are some of the key reasons to have a living will:

Makes sure your wishes are honored. A living will makes clear all your wishes during times when you are fatally ill and cannot speak for yourself, for example when you are in a coma. The document clarifies how you want to handle situations such as long-term and short-term use of mechanical breathing devices and feeding tubes, life support machines and other medical instruments.

Helps prevent misunderstandings and arguments between family members. You should expect that your family members will experience grief and be extremely emotional should you become incapacitated by a medical condition. Some of them will not be able to accept the idea of letting you go if machines are keeping you alive. In their grief, they will expend large sums of money to sustain you in this state. Too often, differing views at this time leads to misunderstandings and negative attitudes between family members that can last for far too long. By having a living will, you can prevent this from happening. No one can argue or complain when your wishes are clearly stated in a document that is enforced by law.

Gives you the ability to plan ahead. A living will gives you the opportunity to make decisions with a clear mind before you experience misfortune. Accidents happen and you should be ready of anything. By planning ahead, you can avoid unnecessary suffering, ensure that you receive exactly the medical attention you want and relieve caregivers and family members of having to make agonizing decisions about your care during a time of crisis.

As you can see, having a living will is vitally important for every American adult. Naturally, a document that is this critical must be prepared with great thought. Meek Law Firm will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your wishes are clearly stated and will be legally recognized. For more information, contact attorney Jonathan Meek today. Call (704) 848-6335 or use the contact form on the right of this page to schedule a consultation appointment.