Selecting the best family law attorney


Going through a legal action in family law in Charlotte, NC can be emotionally traumatic. Since the other people involved in the situation are generally close to you, you want legal representation that is sensitive to your needs while vigorously advocating for your side. Hiring a family law attorney should involve careful evaluation. Not all family lawyers are the same, and selecting the right one can be the difference between winning and losing your case.

Hire Specialty

It’s recommended that you hire an attorney with a specialty in the area of the law for which you need representation. Doing so can expedite your case and give you further reassurance. Viewing an attorney’s website to learn their specialties and background is an important step, but it’s recommended that you also schedule an in-person meeting with potential candidates to gauge your comfort and confidence.

Hire Experience

Experienced family law attorneys are not only well-versed in the law, but they also tend to be familiar with the judges and unique courtroom procedures in North Carolina. When meeting with an attorney, ask them about their experience with similar cases they might have handled in the past. Small nuances such as quick replies to your questions can highlight an attorney’s skill and experience in the field. Don’t be afraid to ask difficult questions, since this critical decision can have an important influence on your case.

Hire Track Record

If the attorney has a background representing people with cases like yours, ask them specifically about their track record of success. Past success in similar cases can illuminate whether or not this attorney is for you. Ultimately, don’t base your decision on track record alone. Some attorneys have a history of taking on extremely difficult cases that may be more difficult to win, so it doesn’t mean they haven’t represented their clients interests effectively. If you want more details about an attorney’s track record, ask to speak to some of their past clients for a recommendation.

Hire Confidence

An effective attorney should be calm and confident in their preparation and courtroom style. You’ll be able to gauge these qualities during your initial meeting with a lawyer, so be sure you are selecting an attorney who mirrors the personality you’re looking for. You should also be confident in sharing intimate details with the attorney, since family law can often highlight highly personal experiences.

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